About Me

Hello. My name is Frank Guy, and I am one of the premier videographers in the Lowcountry. This is not a job to me, it is my purpose in my life. My mother always told me, "Do what you love, and you will work another day of your life." She taught piano for over 45 years and loved every second of it. I don't ever plan on retiring because I'm doing what I love.

we will produce stunning footage that truly captures the spirit of your event. Whether it's a high-energy game or a more intimate moment, we will work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of the event is captured in a way that truly reflects its unique essence. Let us help you preserve those special memories for years to come with our top-notch videographer services.

At a very young age, I had a passion for music and video telling a story. I grew up in Northern Virginia and loved watching and playing sports. I would watch endless hours of NFL Films and marveled at how they told stories with music and film. I wanted to replicate that when I worked in television news for over 20 years. I started shooting weddings in the summer of 2004 and found my niche with wedding videos. Creating a Love Story for a couple on their wedding day is what I was born to do. Telling their story thru music and video that evokes an emotional reaction from them gives me immense satisfaction.

Storytelling is what we specialize in at Francis West Studios. In today’s world of social media, anyone can put video and music together, but encapsulating the story of how you met and fell in love is what we do best? Video must evoke an emotional reaction from people that don’t know you? Your love story is unique and special, and we want to help you share that story with the world.

This personal service and professionalism is what we specialize in. We are an award-winning videography team that has been shooting weddings in the Lowcountry for more than 10 years.